Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Islands – Caribou Service FAQ

How long is the crossing between Nova Scotia and PEI?

The crossing is 75 minutes long.

What dining options are available onboard?

Both the Holiday Island and the Confederation have full cafeterias serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the Confederation, passengers can also enjoy an ice cream cone from Cows.

Are the Confederation and Holiday Island wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Wheelchair access from the vehicle decks to the passenger deck is available via elevator. All passenger amenities are located on one level.

Can I smoke onboard?

Smoking is permitted on the outside passenger decks.

Can I bring a propane tank onboard?

In order to bring propane tanks on board either ferry, passengers are required to pick up an orange propane tank at the toll booth. This tag explains how to store and shut off the propane tank properly. Passengers should leave the propane tag on the dashboard of their vehicle so it’s clearly visible.

Can I make a reservation from Caribou to Wood Islands?

Currently there are no one-way reservations available from Caribou. Travelers with reservations on the Caribou side must inform ferry personnel at boarding that they have a reservation and they will be routed accordingly. Reservations for round-trip crossings are booked only from Wood Islands.

Is parking available at the Wood Islands and Caribou terminals?

Yes, parking is available at both terminals. In Wood Islands, parking is located behind the terminal building that houses the gift shop and food services – look for signs marked “public parking”. In Caribou, parking is located beside the terminal building/cafeteria and can be accessed by taking a right turn at the junction at the entrance to the compound. At both terminals, passengers park at their own risk.

Is real-time travel information available for departure times?

Yes – call the terminal at 902-962-2016 or visit

Are there special instructions for passengers with reservations?

At both terminals, all reservations are processed through specific toll booths. Currently, toll booth #1 (far left) is designated for processing reservations.

Are pets allowed on board?

Pets are allowed on outside passenger decks as long as they are leashed.

Will I have to back on or off the ferry?

No – both the Confederation and Holiday Island are drive on/drive off vessels.

Can I return to my vehicle during the crossing?

Yes, but you must be accompanied by a crew member.

Can I remain in my vehicle during the crossing?

No – safety regulations do not permit passengers to remain in their vehicles.

Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are recommended but not required. To ensure space on a particular sailing, you can make a reservation by calling 1 888 249-SAIL or visiting

What is the distance across the Northumberland Strait?

16 miles or 25.7km

For all other inquiries please refer them to NFL-Bay Corporate Office in Charlottetown. Telephone 902.566.3838.

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