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Wood Islands – Caribou Service FAQ

How long is the crossing between Caribou, Nova Scotia and Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island?

The crossing is approximately 75 minutes.

Do I need a reservation?

Booking in advance is recommended to ensure space on a particular sailing. You can make a reservation by calling 1-877-762-7245 or visiting Currently there are no one-way reservations available from Caribou as payment is required only when departing Prince Edward Island. Travelers with reservations on the Caribou side must inform ferry personnel at boarding that they have a reservation and they will be routed accordingly.

What information do I need to make a reservation?

     • Credit card, MasterCard or Visa
• License plate number, if you’re bringing a vehicle (overall length and height of oversize vehicles or vehicles carrying items on or behind the vehicle, ie. Bike or kayak rack)

What time should I arrive at the departing terminal?

You must arrive at least 1 hour prior to departure.

What happens if my crossing is cancelled?

In event of a cancelled crossing, Northumberland Ferries, operators of MV Confederation and MV Holiday, will send you an email advisory and options on how to rebook or cancel your reservation.
If you have not provided us with an email address, our agents will attempt to call you as soon as possible.
Please be sure to give us contact information that you will have access to while travelling. If you are travelling out of country, please keep cell phone data access in mind.
When in doubt, please call our contact center or terminals – they will be able to advise you of service interruptions and help you rebook/cancel.

I am travelling without a vehicle, where will my friends or family pick me up?

We have pickup areas at each terminal.

Is parking available at the terminals?

Yes, parking is available at both terminals. In Wood Islands, parking is located behind the terminal building that houses the food services – look for signs marked “public parking”. In Caribou, parking is located beside the terminal building/cafeteria and can be accessed by taking a right turn at the junction at the entrance to the compound. At both terminals, passengers park at their own risk.

Are the MV Confederation and MV Holiday wheelchair accessible?

We offer onboard accessibility. We also recommend you make your requirements known at time of check-in and our crew will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I remain in my vehicle during the crossing?

No – safety regulations do not permit passengers to remain in their vehicles.

Can I return to my vehicle during the crossing?

Yes, but you must be accompanied by a crew member.

Are there passenger cabins onboard?


What seating is available onboard?

Seating aboard MV Confederation is first come, first serve and cannot be reserved. We offer a variety of seating, both interior and exterior.
Seating aboard the MV Holiday is first come, first serve and cannot be reserved. We offer a variety of seating, both interior and exterior.

Is there an outside deck?

The Viewing Decks offer a great opportunity to walk around the ships, as well as take in the beautiful views of the Northumberland Strait. It is quite common to spot seals, birds and often porpoises swimming alongside the ships. The Viewing Deck is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy the crossing!

Can I smoke onboard?

There is an outside deck available for smoking.

Is there WIFI onboard?

We are pleased to offer you complimentary Wi-Fi access – a service not offered by many ferry services due to the limitations that exist with a cellular network on a moving vessel. While we want you to enjoy your travel experience with Internet access, we hope you can appreciate the challenges involved in providing this service (i.e slower internet which is compounded when there are multiple users).
We therefore ask that you are considerate of your fellow passengers by adhering to the following restrictions to help make everyone’s travel experience a pleasant one: each user is provided with 30 minutes of internet access and data size is limited to 1 Mbps per passenger.
*Due to limited bandwidth, certain webpages are slower than others, particularly sites displaying video and images.

What entertainment do you offer?

Throughout July to September, don’t miss out on our fantastic Seaside Experiences. During your crossing, immerse yourself in a truly Maritime experience with some of the finest live music, entertainment, food, wine, and beer samplings the region has to offer. Sit back and enjoy incredible ocean views, food, and live entertainment.
Our Music on Deck program features live music on both vessels every summer afternoon from Canada Day to Labour Day at 1:00PM and 2:45PM. Be sure to join us for a tune!

Is alcohol served on board the ship?


What dining options are available onboard?

Onboard Cafés
Both the mv Holiday and the mv Confederation feature onboard cafés which serve breakfast from 6am-10:30am and lunch and dinner from 10:30am until ferry service ends for the day. Enjoy a meal overlooking the Northumberland Strait with a selection of both hot and cold menu items.
Cows Ice Cream
Cows Ice Cream—rated the best ice cream by Tauck World Discovery—is based in Prince Edward Island…and what better way to taste a sweet treat than onboard the MV Confederation. Enjoy a delicious Cows ice cream cone, and pick up one of the company’s iconic t-shirts at the same time!

Do you have a children’s area?


Are pets allowed onboard?

Pets are allowed on outside passenger decks as long as they are leashed (with the exception of service dogs). Crew members monitor the car decks and will contact the owner if a pet that is left in a vehicle seems to be uncomfortable.

How do I apply for a job position on the MV Confederation or the MV Holiday?

There are three partnerships that work together seamlessly to provide an enjoyable on board passenger experience. If you are a safety focused, team worker, with strong customer service skills and want to work with people from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, serving passengers who travel from around the world, please consider working with us.

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