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Princess of Acadia Customer Service

Contact Information

Saint John, New Brunswick Terminal

170 Digby Ferry Road
Saint John, New Brunswick E2M 0B2

Phone: 506-649-7777
Fax: 506-649-7708

Digby, Nova Scotia Terminal

680 Shore Road, P.O. Box 418
Digby, Nova Scotia B0V 1A0

Phone: 902-245-2116
Fax: 902-245-5360

Bay Ferries Ltd.

94 Water Street, Box 634 Charlottetown
Prince Edward Island, Canada C1A 7L3

Phone: 902-566-3838
Fax: 902-566-1550

How to Book

Advance reservations are strongly recommended. Make your reservation online or call 1-888-249-7245.

A credit card is required for all reservations.

The following fees are payable in addition to indicated fares: fuel surcharge of $20; $25 CDN no-show fee for vehicle bookings.

Schedules, fares and fees are subject to change or surcharge without notice.

Special offers are subject to availability and conditions – please ask for details.

Discounts are subject to availability and rules or restrictions – please ask for details.

Information to have on hand when booking

In order to book your spot easily and quickly, please have the following information on hand when calling or booking on line:

  • Full name of all travellers
  • Preferred travel dates and times
  • Length and height of your vehicle (including any trailers)

Manage Reservations

Changing/cancelling your reservations is easy. Go online or call: 1-888-249-7245. Have your confirmation number available.

A $25 CDN no-show fee for vehicle bookings applies.

Terminal Parking

Parking at our ferry terminal facilities is limited. Please contact the appropriate terminal if you have questions.

Saint John, New Brunswick Terminal Parking

170 Digby Ferry Road
Saint John, New Brunswick E2M 0B2

Phone: 506-649-7777
Fax: 506-649-7708

Digby, Nova Scotia Terminal Parking

P.O. Box 418
Digby, Nova Scotia B0V 1A0

Phone: 902-245-2116
Fax: 902-245-5360

TTY Logos


For persons who are deaf or hard of hearing

Phone: 902-626-2561

Map & Directions

Google Maps for the Princess of Acadia

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the crossing?

The crossing takes approximately three hours.

What is the distance across the Bay of Fundy?

The total distance from Digby to Saint John is 72 Kilometers or 45 miles.

Are reservations required?

Reservations are recommended for walk-on passengers as well as vehicles due to restricted passenger counts on designated crossings.

For reservations call toll free 1-888-249-7245

Can I remain in my car during the crossing?

No, safety regulations do not permit passengers to remain in their vehicles during the crossing.

Can I return to my vehicle during the crossing?

Yes, however passengers must be accompanied by a crewmember.

Is the ship wheelchair accessible?

There is an elevator between passenger decks. However, there is no wheelchair accessibility from the vehicle deck. Passengers must board the ferry through the terminal. Please inquire at the terminal.

What facilities are available on-board?

The Princess of Acadia boasts the Fundy Grill Restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner; while the Rising Tide Cafe serves alcoholic beverages, light snacks, and Starbucks® brewed hot and cold coffees and teas, in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Princess also features Little Mates Quarters, our onboard supervised Children's Program; the Treasure Chest Gift Shop, the Sea Breeze Lounge features a movie presentation on each crossing; and seasonal onboard Visitor Information representatives as well as animators providing educational story telling.


Pets are not permitted on passenger decks; however, kennels are available on the vehicle decks. They are offered on a first come first serve basis so please make your request upon check in at the terminal.


Smoking is restricted to the outside deck. All areas inside are smoke free.

How high are the tides in the Bay of Fundy?

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world. Water levels change up to 56 feet between high and low tides. For further information please visit bayoffundytourism.com

Will we see any whales during the crossing?

Quite often, especially during the summer months whales can be seen during the crossing.

Do I need to take a sweater or jacket?

Yes, if you plan on visiting the outside decks. The temperatures can be cool on the Bay of Fundy.

Does the Bay of Fundy Freeze?

No, the water temperature only changes 5 degrees between summer and winter.

Do I have to back on or off the ferry?

No, the ferry is a drive-on drive off-vessel.