A Year on Canada’s Ocean Playground: Looking back at 2018 on the Ferries

Join us in reminiscing on our favourite moments aboard the Ferries this year

2018 saw wonderful memories aboard The CAT, The mv Fundy Rose, The mv Holiday Island and The mv Confederation. Passengers from far and wide set sail on our Ferries to discover adventure, reunite with family, and see the Maritimes in a new, beautiful setting. From summer getaways to friends reuniting and everything in between—our ferries were home to some unforgettable memories. All year long, our passengers captured moments on our Ferries and shared them on social media. Here are some of our favourites:


From long weekend getaways to birthday celebrations, families love to travel on our ferries. It’s convenient, quick, and a fun experience for all. Here are a few photos that were taken by our passengers with their families in 2018:


@alinawall_ captured an extra-special moment between brothers on their way to Prince Edward Island.


Our four-legged furkids are always welcome aboard the Ferries. While journeying on The CAT Ferry, pets can remain in your vehicle—or in one of our kennels on board! On Northumberland Ferries, your pooch is allowed to stay by your side on our open deck. Just remember to bring their leash!


@AmeliaPond was able to enjoy the beauty of the Maritimes on the Northumberland Ferries main deck. That concentration suggests that she was whale-watching!


Morning or evening, the views from the ferries are always unforgettable. However, there is something extra-special about witnessing a sunset surrounded by water. Whether you are returning from a family vacation or embarking on a scenic road trip with friends, sun-down on the ferry is not to be missed!


@Danielmackinnon captured this vibrant golden hour sunset aboard his ferry to PEI. Days like these are simply our favourite.


A stunning sunset, the open ocean, and rugged Maritime coastlines – these are all views that are highlighted on any of our ferry journeys. Our passengers captured these inspiring images on their travels:

Blue skies and smooth sailing—what more could you want from your voyage aboard The CAT Ferry? @902bwphotography captured this summer’s day perfectly.

Here’s a great shot of the open ocean as seen from Northumberland Ferries! This epic picture comes from @mtonyfrancis.

@jackpeat left the road behind in Digby to shoot this beautiful image during his journey on The Fundy Rose. There’s no better way to embrace Canada’s ocean playground than with days like these!


We have showcased some of our favourite views from the ferry, but we can’t forget the most important—the best photos of the ferry. Take a look at some of these iconic images taken around the Maritimes:

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! @Nova_Scotia_Kayaker was lucky enough to witness Northumberland Ferries docking in Caribou right from his kayak.


@MackayPJ captured this moody image of Northumberland Ferries sailing through East Coast waters.


Take a look at this postcard-ready shot from @lo_photography13! We can’t get enough of this image of The CAT Ferry departing Nova Scotia on a sunny day.


As you can see, 2018 has been such a great year for The CAT, The mv Fundy Rose, The mv Holiday Island and The mv Confederation, and we look forward to even bigger and better adventures in 2019. We hope you’ll join us in creating new and exciting memories by adding a journey on one of our ferry services to your 2019 bucket list!

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