Halifax, Nova Scotia

The urban capital that acts like a big city. But thinks it’s a small town.

An image rendering of the Halifax Clock Tower and the city on a sunny day.

Vibrant Cityscape

It’s hard not to be charmed by the gentle hills and captivating streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This thriving urban capital is a small city with a big heart, and a lot of soul. From the historic Citadel fortress—the star-shaped heart of the city—that watches quietly over the downtown core, to the bustling waterfront, Halifax will take you by the hand and lead the way to countless museums, galleries, shops, theatres, restaurants, breweries and pubs of all descriptions—the highest number of bars per capita of any city in Canada, in fact. There’s plenty to do in this special seaside city—music, literature, art, sports, food, film. In Halifax, we celebrate everything.

An image rendering of a waiter showing a couple a bottle of wine on a patio.

Old World Charm. New World Pulse.

Full of character, wonderful architecture, and historic buildings that practically whisper intriguing tales of their storied past—of soldiers, seafarers, and privateers—as you pass by, Halifax has more than 250 years of fascinating, rich history oozing from its quaint cobblestone streets. It is also one of the deepest and largest natural harbours in the world, making it a strategic and important gateway—for settlers, shipping, and the military—and the major economic centre of the region.

An image rendering of the Halifax Waterfront on a sunny day.

Breathe in. Smile. Repeat.

But of all the things that make this city shine, the ocean is the real star. Gentle sea breezes, fresh ocean air, salty mists. Take a break from exploring the urban landscape to enjoy sailing, surfing, or just gazing off into the horizon to take it all in. When you’re surrounded by this kind of beauty, you don’t necessarily need to do much else. With so much to see and do when you visit Halifax, you’d swear you were in a bigger city. With people so nice, you’d swear you were in a much smaller town. Welcome to Halifax.