Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by the Maritimes

Show off your east coast pride with these Maritime-themed costume ideas

Is there anything more exciting than that eureka moment when you finally discover the perfect Halloween costume idea? That idea that gets a laugh from your friends, a pat on the back from your coworkers, and perhaps even a “Best Costume” prize at the weekend party? Fortunately, here in the Maritimes, inspiration for that award-winning Halloween get-up is all around us! With all the history between Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, there’s no shortage of tradition and lore to draw on — so let’s do some costume brainstorming, shall we?

Halloween Fun-swick in New Brunswick

image of NB costume

While you may have lofty ambitions of representing the highest tides in the world at the Bay of Fundy in costume form, there are simpler New Brunswick-inspired outfits that will show off your pride of place. If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into the history of this beautiful province, why not dress up as a resident of King’s Landing? A true test of your character acting, transporting yourself back to the humble times of 1800s New Brunswick is a perfect way to show off both your commitment to a great costume, and your knowledge of the province’s history.

Looking for a few laughs? Fashioning yourself as the World’s Largest Axe, a roadside classic, should bring a few smiles to your friend’s faces. (Even if you might have some trouble entering through the doorway of the party.) But if you’re in the market for gasps, becoming a wild bear from the Little, Big Bear Safari could give some folks a fright. Oh, and if you’re feeling really creative, why not dress up as the Hartland covered bridge?

P-E-I’ve found the perfect costume

image of pei costume

Our PEI-inspired costume recommendation comes straight from an icon of the Island — Anne of Green Gables. Dressing up as Lucy Maud Montgomery’s creation is as simple as tracking down a red wig, a straw cap, and of course, a friend who can tie two braids in your faux-hair. The globally-loved orphan is a sure-fire hit (who doesn’t love Anne?) wherever your travels take you this Halloween.

If you’re looking for a super sweet costume to celebrate PEI, a COWS ice cream cone should do the trick. This Maritime favorite was founded in PEI in 1983, and is instantly recognizable by anyone with a taste for treats. And of course, if you want to go the quick and easy route with this year’s look, pick up a PEI Dirt Shirt and go out as some legendary PEI red dirt. Hey, nobody said these costumes needed to be glamorous!

Spooky-day Scotian classics

image of nova scotia costume

If you’re heading out to a Halloween party in Nova Scotia, bringing a little local flair is sure to draw the praise of your fellow patrons. Consider this — Nova Scotia lobster is as iconic of a seafood as you’ll find, so why not bring it from the plate to the party? Piece together the perfect lobster outfit and you might claw your way to a “Best Costume” prize. Feel like adding another layer to this Nova Scotia classic? Pop a few pieces of bread on both of your sides and you’re a lobster roll! Want to go even further? Throw on some sunglasses and take an old electric guitar out and you’re a ‘Rock Lobster’. The possibilities are endless.

Brighten up a friend’s Halloween by dressing up as the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse (complete with the headlamp glowing on your forehead), cast your line and hit the town (or the seas) as a fisherman, or pay homage to the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton by dressing as John Cabot himself.

Still not sure what to be for Halloween? Well, how about the Captain of the mv Fundy Rose, mv Confederation, or mv Holiday Island? You’d certainly have the best costume in our books! Spend some time Halloween-hopping between the three Maritime provinces when you hop on board with us! Start planning your spooky-season voyages today.

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