Our Favorite Anne of Green Gables Stories

When visiting the Island, you’ll quickly learn that the story of Anne of Green Gables is everywhere. If you’re ready, willing, and “Gables,” here are some must-see Anne things to see and do.

Fresh lobster, picturesque beaches, world-class golf, Cow’s Ice Cream, PEI dirt shirts—there is no shortage of things to see and do on Prince Edward Island. But perhaps the most iconic PEI attraction is our favorite orphan—Anne of Green Gables. Lucy Maud Montgomery’s red-headed protagonist has garnered an international audience since her first novel was released in 1908. The Anne of Green Gables franchise has several books (printed in over 20 languages worldwide), plays, musicals, television shows, historical monuments, and more—it’s no stretch to say that Anne and the Island go together like lobster and butter. And while we love everything Anne of Green Gables, we’ve compiled our absolute favorite “Anne”tractions to share with you.

Humble Beginnings

We couldn’t mention our favorite Anne stories without mentioning where it all began. In the first of Montgomery’s novels, we are introduced to Anne Shirley, a scrawny eleven-year-old orphan with signature red hair who is sent to live with the Cuthbert siblings in the fictional town of Avonlea (based on the very real town of Cavendish, PEI). Although they originally request a boy to help with their farm chores, Anne wins them over with her charm and they decide to keep her. Much of the first novel takes place on their farm—where we learn about Anne’s intricacies, her wild imagination, and her willingness to please—along with her sometimes-apparent flare for drama. And even though the original story is over 100 years old, readers around the globe are able to relate to her story to this day. In fact, people feel such a strong connection to Anne that Prince Edward Island created the Green Gables Heritage Place. Located in Cavendish, the National Heritage site sits on rolling farmlands meant to mimic the Cuthbert’s property—complete with many different trails for walking. You can even go through the “haunted woods”! You’ll feel like Anne Shirley herself as you make your way through the original 19th-century home with each room designed just like the very ones described in the book. If there’s an Anne of Green Gables fan in your family, you have to check out The Green Gables Heritage Place!

A Little Bit of Music

Hands of the man playing the cello

When in Charlottetown, the Anne of Green Gables Musical is a show you will not want to miss. Celebrating its 55th consecutive year—it has been a longtime favorite among tourists and locals alike. Watch the story of Anne come to life as you treat your ears to the symphonic sounds of the accompanying 14-piece orchestra. This telling of Anne’s story is sure to tickle all your senses. Prepare to laugh, cry and be completely mezmorized by the outstanding performances put on by the show’s actors. You can catch the show from June till September at the Homburg Theatre.

The Brains Behind It All


To truly love Anne’s story is to know the woman behind it all. That is why our final favorite Anne of Green Gable’s story is found at the Anne of Green Gables Museum. Located in Kensington—the museum pays homage to author Lucy Maud Montgomery. The museum, which sits on 110 acres of farmland is the perfect place for a family day trip. Originally built by Montgomery’s aunt and uncle the “Campbell’s” in 1872, it was always a favorite of hers and we’re sure it will be one of yours too! Fans of Anne Shirley will be quick to spot some classic items from the series—including the famous “enchanted bookcase.” Explore the exhibits, stroll through the vibrant gardens, and make sure to snag a souvenir from the gift shop. We suggest taking the scenic route through the entire property with “Matthew” as your guide as you ride along the Lake of the Shining Waters in the back of a horse-drawn carriage, just like Anne would have. If you love Anne as much as we do, The Anne of Green Gables Museum is a stop you’ll want to add to your list of places to see!

Of course, our very favorite Anne of Green Gables stories are the ones that involve you. We can’t wait for you to make a few Anne memories of your own the next time you visit the island. Book your ticket with Northumberland Ferries today!

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