Prince Edward Island Facts

Everything you need to know about the island


Thinking of visiting Prince Edward Island? You’re in the right place! Here are the top 10 things you must know about this iconic island.

  1. Prince Edward Island, also referred to as PEI, includes the main island of the same name as well as 231 smaller islands, surrounded by the warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
  2. At 5,660 km² and with just over 146K people, Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province both in land size and population.
  3. The Mi’kmaq First Nations first inhabited Prince Edward Island, naming it Epekwitk, meaning “cradled on the waves.” It wasn’t until 1798 and under British rule that it became Prince Edward Island, named after the fourth son of King George III.
  4. Prince Edward Island has been coined the “Birthplace of Confederation” referring to the Charlottetown Conference in 1864, although PEI did not join Confederation until 1873 when it became the seventh Canadian province.
  5. Prince Edward Island has only two cities, the largest and its capital, Charlottetown, and Summerside. The rest of the island is comprised of 10 towns, 60 communities, and 1 resort municipality.
  6. The island is known for its red soil, which gets its color from the high iron content that oxidizes when exposed to air.
  7. Agriculture is PEI’s largest industry, with nearly half of the island’s land dedicated to farming. In fact, PEI grows a third of Canada’s potatoes.
  8. Local author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s iconic book, Anne of Green Gables, is set on the island, near Cavendish Beach. The house that inspired the book is now a National Historic Site and a must-see on your visit.
  9. PEI has more than 33 golf courses and 90 sandy beaches that are beloved by visitors and locals alike.
  10. Northumberland Ferries set sail between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in 1941. Today, it continues to transform simple trips into memorable experiences.

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