Reversing Rapids

When tides collide.

An image rendering of waves crashing behind a Bay Ferries boat.

Awe-inspiring Phenomenon, Up Close.

When the Bay of Fundy’s highest tides in the world pour a hundred billion tonnes of water into your front door, it’s a sight to see. But when those tides rise and push into the St. John River gorge, actually reversing the river’s flow, it’s a rare marvel you don’t want to miss. Welcome to Reversing Rapids.

An image rendering of a man ziplining in front of a bridge.

Thrilling Adventure or Relaxing Ride. You Pick.

Double the thrill of the famous Reversing Rapids—and get an extraordinary view while you’re at it—by soaring high above on one of five incredible zip lines. If that’s too much excitement, opt for the more relaxed sightseeing boat tour of the harbour and the phenomenon’s whirlpools and falls. View the wonder of the rapids from the Falls Restaurant observation deck or Fallsview Park. Or rent a bike and pedal your way along your route of choice to view this and many of Saint John’s other highlights: Harbour passage, Uptown, City Market, Fort Howe, Martello Tower, Rockwood Park, Irving nature Park, and the Bay of Fundy.