Spring Travel Aboard the Fundy Rose

7 Reasons to Celebrate the Season from Ship to Shore

Here in the Maritimes, there are a few sure signs of the arrival of Spring: the flowers begin to bloom, the snow shovels are finally put away, and we spend even more time in the great outdoors, exploring our extraordinary neck of the woods. In fact, with “spring” in our step and an adventurous spirit, now’s the perfect time to hit the road — the Bay of Fundy road, that is!

Here are seven reasons why you should take a journey this Spring aboard the mv Fundy Rose between Saint John, New Brunswick and Digby, Nova Scotia.

Reduce Travel Times

fundy rose ship

Once you embark on the ferry between Saint John and Digby, not only will you be thrilled by stunning springtime views and ocean breezes that can’t be experienced on the highway, but you’ll also arrive at your destination much faster. Clocking in at a little over two hours, the journey is less than half the time it takes to travel by car — yet all the time you need to let someone else do the driving while you sit back and relax, or enjoy the many amenities onboard the mv Fundy Rose.

Go to the Movies

If you’re searching for the ultimate drive-in movie theatre, look no further than the mv Fundy Rose. All you have to do is drive on to the ferry, put the car in park, and head to The Fortune Lounge. It features a 60” widescreen mega-sound television to create a true theatre experience and comfortable “pod” seating perfect for family gatherings. The only problem? You may get distracted by the panoramic vistas outside during the voyage (and your movie).

Dine and Drive

Cappuccino coffee

The mv Fundy Rose is one of the few places in the Maritimes where you can literally “dine and drive” (although technically our captain does the “driving”)! Choose from three onboard dining experiences, including the Acadia Eatery, which offers a great selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Maritime favourites. Visit the Mid Ship Café for Java Moose-brewed coffees, specialty teas, healthy snacks, and delicious desserts.

Explore the Shores

The best way to experience the spectacular springtime sights of our Maritime coastlines is by sea. On the mv Fundy Rose, you’ll have wonderful opportunities to see both the shores of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia — especially from our expansive Viewing Deck.

Shop at Sea

maple syrup

Commemorate your spring voyage aboard the mv Fundy Rose with a keepsake from the Fundy Treasures Gift Shop. It carries an excellent assortment of local souvenirs, including accessories, crafts, music, and delectable treats. Stop by this friendly shop to pick something up for yourself or someone special…or both!

Maybe Meet Some Mammals

Whale tail

One of the great natural wonders of the world, the Bay of Fundy is a veritable ocean playground for marine life. It’s home to 12 species of whales, like the Finback and Minke whales that arrive from their southern migration in late Spring, and Humpbacks that return to the bay in June. Other species to be on the lookout for are porpoises and dolphins, seals, sharks, and plenty of fish including tuna, salmon, halibut, and sea sturgeons.

Put Your Car in Gear

Once you arrive at the ferry terminal, it’s time to get back on the (paved) road again. The Maritimes are renowned for their many scenic drives — and when you step off the mv Fundy Rose in Saint John, you can start the River Valley Ride almost immediately, with a 500-kilometre journey through the Saint John River Heritage Corridor. Or when you arrive in Digby, head out on the Digby Necks and Islands Scenic Drive for a wonderfully picturesque journey along the coast.

So, if you want to explore more of the Maritimes this Spring, take the mv Fundy Rose between Saint John, New Brunswick and Digby, Nova Scotia. Spend less time driving, and more time making the most of this sensational season. Book your tickets today!

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