The Maritime Ferry Trail

The Original Way to Visit the Maritimes

There are lots of ways to get from place to place in the Maritimes. But there’s only one way to truly experience what makes this region so special: The Maritime Ferry Trail. The best way to travel our historic roads and ferry crossings and to visit the accommodations, attractions, and culture that we’re famous for.

The Maritime Ferry Trail takes you from Maine into Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, then with a quick drive to Digby where you’ll cross the Bay of Fundy into New Brunswick. From there, or once back in Nova Scotia, you’ll drive up to Caribou, where you’ll cross to Wood Islands, PEI. And then you’ll have the Island as your playground.

There are plenty of extensions off of the Ferry Trail, too. You can visit the Acadian Shore, the beautiful Annapolis Valley, or even Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail.

We’ve put together amazing itineraries to make sure you get the most out of your Maritime Ferry Trail vacation. Find the itinerary that’s best for you and start exploring!

Cultural Enthusiast

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History Buff

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Maritime Discovery

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Thrill Seeker

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Experience the splendour of the Maritimes from the majesty of the sea.

The proverbial “open road” is actually a narrow thread of restrictive asphalt. For true freedom, you need to experience the Maritimes the way it was meant to be seen. Your ferry will get you there faster than driving. It’ll also add an enchanting sense of timelessness to your voyage.

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