Optional Commercial Truck Reservations

June 1, 2020

To provide our commercial customers with the best possible service, Northumberland Ferries Limited is introducing an optional “Commercial Reservation System” which is based on the following principles:

Benefits for Users:

  • Commercial trucks do not need to line up the night before.
  • Commercial trucks will know in advance if capacity is available (no need for hurry and wait).
  • Supports industry/business development by removing uncertainty; improves logistics planning.
  • Commercial users can still travel stand-by, i.e. reservations are not mandatory.

Proposed Commercial Reservation Policy

Phased Approach

  • Reservations will be made available in three phases (call 902-962-3635 from 0700-1700):
  • Phase 1 – peak sailings only (0630 sailing from PEI and 1900 from Caribou).
  • Phase 2 – bookings on all departures.
  • Phase 3 – possibility of online bookings.
  • Advance payment is required to reserve space (no limits on space that can be booked provided space is available).
  • Capacity depends on length and width of trucks being booked, tides, and/or vessel.
  • Bookings can be made seven days in advance.
  • If space is not available, customer will be placed on a waiting list and notified if space becomes available (call terminal to book 902-962-3635).


  • Reservations may be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance (fully refunded, no cancellation fee).
  • Reservations cancelled 48 to 24 hours in advance will be charged a late cancellation fee of $50.
  • Reservations are non-refundable if not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

Cancellation Notes:

  • No late fees will be administered for sailings up to and including June 13.
  • During Phase 2, each company may have two discretionary late cancellations (no fee).
  • NFL reserves the right at its discretion to alter this policy in appropriate extenuating circumstances.

Important Notes

  • Cancellation fees will ensure that the reservation system’s integrity is maintained, and that space is available for committed users.
  • To facilitate capacity management, booking information must accurately report overall length and width of trucks, otherwise the vehicle might not be able to be accommodated.
  • Reservation holders must arrive 40 minutes prior to posted sailing time or the space cannot be assured.
  • The Captain of the vessel is the sole authority in respect to weather cancellations or sailing schedule changes due to any unforeseen circumstances. NFL assumes no responsibility for customer expenses due to these changes, and customers shall have no recourse against the Company, its employees, agents and representatives for any claims whatsoever which are alleged to have occurred as a result of weather cancellations or sailing schedule changes due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • NFL reserves the right to amend this policy at any time should circumstances require.

This policy will be monitored closely and is subject to change.