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Embark on The CAT, where every journey across the sea will be a key part of your adventure story.

On Board Entertainment

Sit back and appreciate the journey with endless ocean views and lively onboard activities. Savour a coffee, enjoy a hearty meal and immerse yourself in live Maritime tunes and interactive games like trivia and bingo. Don’t miss The CAT’s Seaside Experience Calendar, your passport to onboard entertainment all summer long.

May 2024
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Comforts Aboard The CAT


Fuel up for the journey ahead, Sip@Sea serves over 20 loose teas, espresso-based beverages, smoothies and homemade gelato.

Image of Scotia Market Café Counter

Scotia Market Café

Offers freshly made breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Options for those with dietary restrictions available.

Image of the Gift Shop on board

Scotia Market Gift Shop

Browse for the perfect souvenir or must-have items for your vacation in the on board gift shop.

Forchu Lounge

Enjoy a selection of local wine and craft beer from Nova Scotia at the Forchu Lounge. Pair it with a cheeseboard, bacon wrapped scallops or your choice of specialty snack.

Songs for Your Ferry Trip

Try this breezy track for your ferry adventure! Let this 3 hours and 30-minute-long playlist accompany you on The CAT high-speed car ferry.