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Luggage Handling Service
– Passenger Guidelines

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, additional protective measures and operational assurances have been initiated for the health and safety of everyone involved with the transfer of personal luggage.

Safe handling procedures for the receipt, transfer, and successful delivery of luggage have been implemented.  We take pride in continuing to safely provide essential services to our region and thank you for your cooperation in adhering to these measures.

All passengers intending to use the luggage service provided by Bay Ferries must ensure to follow the guidelines for approved luggage for transfer.

Meets Guidelines:

  • Personal suitcase (soft or hard shell)
  • Arm bag or single strap carriers
  • Golf clubs or sports bags
  • Storage totes (medium size, not overweight for manual lifting safety)

No Longer Accepted:

  • Furniture
  • Garbage bag luggage
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tires or automotive parts/accessories

Passenger Steps to Completing the Luggage Service:

During this process, we ask that the best effort to ensure physical distancing is made. If physical distancing cannot be maintained, a face covering must be donned.

Luggage Drop:

  • All customers must report their luggage requirements upon check-in at the ticket booth.
  • The luggage shall be presented to the luggage staff at the designated Luggage Drop Area.
  • Luggage shall be safely transferred to the luggage staff and secured within the luggage van by the attending staff.

Luggage Pick-up:

  • After disembarking, passengers are to proceed to the Luggage Drop Area. This area will be identified marked adjacent to the luggage van.
  • The luggage shall be emptied, positioned for the passenger to retrieve. If weather conditions are not favourable, luggage shall be either left in the vehicle and moved upon request by the attending staff or placed inside the terminal entrance.

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