Fundy Rose Schedule Changes

Updated June 4, 2020

We are updating our 2020/2021 schedule and further updates are likely as we move forward.

Up to and including Saturday, July 4, 2020, departure times will remain:
9:00am from Saint John and 4:00pm from Digby.

Effective Sunday, July 5, 2020, departures times change to:
8:00am from Saint John and 5:30pm from Digby.

We are closely monitoring interprovincial and international travel restrictions for non-essential travellers and will adjust our schedule to add additional sailings as and when required.

The safety of our guests and employees is our priority. We are grateful for the efforts of our ship’s crew and other staff in safely operating through the pandemic and supporting our economy.

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COVID-19 Response Measures

Updated March 22, 2020

For Commercial Customers, please click here.

Bay Ferries Limited (mv Fundy Rose; New Brunswick – Nova Scotia service) has identified a series of changes to our operations to effectively provide a safe environment for both passengers and employees to combat the spread of COVID-19;

Social Distancing:

We’ve reduced the number of persons permitted on-board to provide adequate measures to enforce safe social distancing (2m or 6 feet apart). This will ensure those passengers occupying the vessel can do so in a manner which ensures public and employee safety. We have reduced our overall capacity to a total of 200 persons (crew inclusive).

Hand Hygiene

Additional hand hygiene has been in effect onboard the vessel during the pandemic. We ask that passengers participate in this measure by proper hand washing and the use of hand sanitizing stations. These stations can be found at entry points to the passenger decks. We encourage all customers to perform hand hygiene before entering common spaces of the vessel and as required during the crossing.

Additional Screening:

We have mandated check-in at ticket booths for all customers at our ferry terminals to ensure check-in protocols are being implemented. In doing this, we are able to minimize the need to enter terminal facilities. During check-in, additional passenger screening will take place to assess the health and travel history of those joining mv Fundy Rose. Please allow additional time for check-in procedures to be facilitated.

Designated Passenger Areas:

Our intent is to safely provide adequate room to ensure social distancing. This includes changes to designated passenger zones onboard the vessel, as well as within the ferry terminal grounds. These zones will be clearly identified and include spaced passenger seating, international traveller zones and an isolation area, if necessary. If additional information is required, please speak to our customer service representatives.

Food Services:

In order to mitigate the risks of transmission to our passengers and in turn, our employees, we’ve proceeded with temporarily removing passenger food services offered onboard the mv Fundy Rose. We suggest you eat before you arrive at the terminal. Complimentary water, coffee and tea will be available onboard.

Enhanced Cleaning Practices:

Our staff have been diligent in adhering to public health guidelines. We have increased the frequency of these cleaning and disinfecting practices in the efforts to control the spread of the novel COVID-19.

Crew Safety:

Various additional measures have been implemented to create the safest possible work environment for our crews, whose work through this challenging and difficult period is very much appreciated.

Walk-On Passengers:

Luggage service is no longer available as a precautionary measure. Walk-on passengers are asked to transfer their own personal belongings. Further, walk-on passengers will no longer be permitted to travel with pets.

Passengers Remaining in Vehicles:

Although regulatory safety measures traditionally call for passengers onboard to vacate their vehicles, Transport Canada has allowed some flexibility, as a short term measure, to allow passengers to remain in their vehicles onboard the ship (passenger vehicles on Deck #5 only). If you chose to remain in your vehicle, you will not be able to turn on the vehicle’s engine (Deck #5 is unheated) or have access to washroom facilities for the approximate 2.5 hours (embarkation, sailing and disembarkation time). If you request to leave your vehicle during the crossing, you will not be permitted to return to your vehicle.

Our message for all employees, contractors and customers remains simple; Washing your hands often, staying home when sick and personal hygiene are the best measures to control the spread of any virus.

For additional information, consult reliable websites such as government and provincial public health websites; Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada.