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Vehicle Types

MV Fundy Rose accommodates a variety of vehicles.
Be sure to choose the right type of vehicle when booking your ferry voyage.

Vehicle Low (up to 20' in length and 7' high) and Three Wheeled Motorcycle

  • Vehicle Types 12
  • Vehicle Fares 1
  • Vehicle Types 11


  • Vehicle Fares 12
  • Vehicle Fares 15
  • Vehicle Fares 14

Campers, Motorhomes and Vehicle Low/High Towing

$9.90 per foot (Passenger fees included)

All vehicles longer than 20′ and/or higher than 7′ must be booked by calling 1-877-762-7245

  • Vehicle Fares 2
  • Vehicle Fares 3
  • Vehicle Fares 4
  • Vehicle Fares 5

Commercial Vehicles (Trucks and Trailers)

Commercial bookings must be made by calling the Saint John or Digby Terminal.


  • Vehicle Types
  • Vehicle Fares 7


  • Vehicle Fares 19
  • Vehicle Fares 18


  • Vehicle Fares 16
  • Vehicle Fares 17


Vehicle Fares 10

Mini Bus

Vehicle Types 3

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