Bay Ferries Limited makes every effort to accommodate guests with allergies; however, as our vessels are open to the public, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment.

We respect the concerns of our guests who have allergies triggered by food allergens or animal dander. The following information outlines the measures Bay Ferries Limited employs to address these concerns, while maintaining a balanced guest experience for all.

Providing Advance Notification

Guests with a severe/disabling or debilitating allergy should notify Bay Ferries Limited of their restriction at least 48 hours prior to travel and again at check-in. If notification is not provided 48 hours prior to travel, Bay Ferries Limited will still make every effort to accommodate.

Recommendations for Guests with Allergies

Guests who have allergies should pack any necessary medication (e.g., EpiPen®, antihistamines, asthma inhalers, etc.) in a carry-on bag, not in their checked baggage or in their vehicles. Access to the vehicle deck is limited at sea and in an emergency, valuable time would be lost trying to locate and access the vehicle to obtain the medication.

Guests who are not comfortable with possible exposure to allergens in the vessel’s cabin may wish to consider an alternate means of transportation in order to avoid the risk of a reaction. Transport Canada regulations do not permit guests to remain in their vehicles during the voyage.