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MV Saaremaa 1 for 2024 Season

MARCH 12, 2024

Northumberland Ferries Limited Announces MV Saaremaa 1 for 2024 Season

Northumberland Ferries Limited (“NFL”) is pleased to announce the return of MV Saaremaa 1 to the Prince Edward Island – Nova Scotia ferry service from mid-May until mid-October 2024.

MV Saaremaa 1, owned by Société des Traversiers du Québec (“STQ”), is required for STQ’s planned refit relief until mid-May, at which point the vessel will sail to Caribou, Nova Scotia and complete final preparations and training prior to entering service at NFL. Once preparations are complete, MV Saaremaa 1 will be on stand-by in Caribou to provide back-up to MV Confederation until two vessel service commences June 16. MV Saaremaa 1 will remain in service until MV Fanafjord is ready for service along with MV Confederation.

Consistent with the previous two seasons with MV Saaremaa, the charter agreement includes an emergency recall provision of the vessel in the event of an operational disruption on STQ’s ferry route.

Mark Wilson, Acting Chief Executive Officer of NFL stated: “We are very grateful to STQ and the Province of Québec for their willingness and assistance to charter this vessel to our company to meet peak season, two-vessel service, as well as provide early shoulder season redundancy, and the flexibility to support the smooth entry of MV Fanafjord into service later in the season.”

Greta Bédard, CEO of STQ stated: “We are again pleased and proud to be able to assist another member of our marine transportation industry with a suitable vessel. We look forward to another season working with NFL to support their customers and communities as we do ours”.