Onboard Amenities

Viewing Decks

The Viewing Decks offer a great opportunity to walk around the ships, as well as take in the beautiful views of the Northumberland Strait. It is quite common to spot seals, birds and often porpoises swimming along side the ships. The Viewing Deck is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy the crossing!

Seaside Experiences

Throughout July to September, don’t miss out on our fantastic Seaside Experiences. During your crossing, immerse yourself in a truly Maritime experience with some of the finest live music, entertainment, food, wine, and beer samplings the region has to offer. Sit back and enjoy incredible ocean views, food, and live entertainment.

Music on Deck

Here’s your golden opportunity to travel by sea, save time, drive less and enjoy some great Maritime music! Northumberland Ferries’ Music on Deck Program showcases some of the best up-and-coming talents in the region, as they perform on deck just for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the live entertainment—available July through September on the 1:00pm and 2:45pm departures from Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island, and Caribou, Nova Scotia. You may also catch a live musical performance in the ferry terminals on select dates during the summer months. For musicians, apply to become a Music on Deck performer here.

Ice Cream, Snacks, and Souvenirs

Cows Ice Cream—rated the best ice cream by Tauck World Discovery—is based in Prince Edward Island…and what better way to taste a sweet treat than onboard the mv Confederation. Enjoy a delicious COWS ice cream cone, and pick up one of the company’s iconic t-shirts at the same time!

Onboard mv Holiday Island enjoy soft-serve ice cream and snacks at the Coastal Café (open seasonally).

In Good Taste at Sea features goods created by local merchants from both sides of the Northumberland Strait. Shop music, books, jewelry, apparel, artwork, candy and much more. Join us in store for a unique Maritime experience!

Onboard Cafés

Join us in our Salt Water Café onboard the mv Holiday and the mv Confederation. Both locations serve breakfast from 6:00am-10:30am and lunch/dinner from 10:30am until ferry service ends for the day. Enjoy a meal overlooking the Northumberland Strait with a selection of both hot and cold menu items.
Breakfast Menu
Lunch & Dinner Menu

Add the ferry to your travel plans, and add memories to your journey.

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