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Northumberland Ferries Service Update

JULY 10, 2023

Northumberland Ferries Limited advises MV Confederation resuming service.

CHARLOTTETOWN – Northumberland Ferries Limited (NFL) is issuing the following update regarding the status of the Prince Edward Island – Nova Scotia ferry service:

Mark Wilson, Senior Vice President NFL stated: “On Sunday, July 2, 2023, MV Confederation experienced a mechanical issue involving the drive connection coupling between the starboard main engine and the central propulsion gearbox. As a result, a new part was assembled and shipped from Europe. The part arrived in Halifax late evening on July 8 and was delivered to the ship, installed, certified, and tested. The vessel has been sea trialed this morning and is ready to resume service.

The second vessel for the 2023 peak operating season, MV Saaremaa 1, arrived in Caribou, Nova Scotia late evening on July 9 and is expected to enter service by July 15. MV Saaremaa 1 is conducting dock fit trials, crew training and certification and route specific preparations over the next few days. The arrival of MV Saaremaa 1 will enable NFL to operate at traditional peak season service levels.

We understand the importance of this ferry service and the impact this has had on customers and the tourism industry. We will continue to take additional precautions to prevent further service disruptions.”
Service will resume with MV Confederation Monday, July 10, with the following two-trip schedule:

  • Departing Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island: 15:00, 18:00.
  • Departing Caribou, Nova Scotia: 16:30, 19:30.

The remainder of the week (Tuesday onwards), MV Confederation will follow the following four-trip operating schedule until MV Saaremaa 1 enters service:

  • Departing Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island: 07:00, 10:00, 15:00, 18:00.
  • Departing Caribou, Nova Scotia: 08:30, 11:45, 16:30, 19:30.

Customers are highly encouraged to make a reservation in advance of travel at www.ferries.ca. Online reservations are available at no additional cost.