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What to Expect

Keeping You Safe While Sailing With
Northumberland Ferries Limited

Northumberland Ferries Limited has taken measures to keep you as safe as possible while still enabling you to move about the ship, enjoy a snack and get some fresh air – like you always could. We ask that you be conscientious of the safety of others by wearing a face covering any time you are not seated or are not able to safely distance from others outside your travelling party.

Know Before You Go

Northumberland Ferries Limited has introduced new safety measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and provide a safe ferry voyage between Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island and Caribou, Nova Scotia.

The New Normal

We’ve taken a series of measures to help enforce safe social distancing and have implemented a contactless check-in process.

Make a Reservation

All customers — including walk-on— are encouraged to make a reservation online at ferries.ca or by phone at 1-877-762-7245. With our reduction of passenger capacity, this measure will reduce disappointment, help us plan daily loads for safe distancing, and helps us trace contacts should there be a future need. Walk-on passengers must call our toll free number (1-877-762-7245) to make a reservation.

Walk-on passengers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Bring a Face Covering

As per Transport Canada guidelines, passengers must bring and wear a face covering when appropriate social distancing cannot be maintained, including:

  • Within terminal buildings
  • Embarking/disembarking the vessel
  • Moving around the vessel (i.e. washroom use)

Northumberland Ferries Limited reserves the right to make face coverings mandatory at all times during the voyage.

Each passenger must have a face covering. You do not need to wear a face covering if you:

  • Are under two years of age
  • Cannot independently remove your own face covering, or
  • Have a breathing condition which is hampered by a face covering

For more information from Transport Canada about face covering requirements for travel on passenger vessels and ferries, please click here.

Practice Good Personal Hygiene

During the voyage, please follow proper hand washing procedures and use the supplied hand sanitizer when needed.

Terminal Buildings

There will be no food service in the terminal buildings, however the buildings will remain open so passengers can access the washrooms. Passengers must wear a face covering before entering and while inside the terminal building.

Pet Kennels

There will be no company-provided kennels and pets will be prohibited on passenger decks. At this time, pets must remain in vehicles.

Walk-on passengers with Northumberland Ferries are permitted to travel with a pet provided they are in a portable kennel/carrier. Alternatively, walk-on passengers may remain with their pet on the vehicle deck for the duration of the voyage while wearing a face covering.

Customers travelling with pets are encouraged to book a departure on the Holiday Island (Wood Islands 11:15, 16:00, 19:00 and Caribou 13:00, 17:30, 20:30) as the open deck allows for increased air flow.


No unattended luggage, bags or freight will be permitted.


Don’t Miss the boat

Passengers are advised to check- at least 40 minutes before departure to allow time for the additional screening procedures implemented for everyone’s safety. Walk-on passengers may check-in 30 minutes before departure.

Please note:

At this time the Caribou Terminal building is only available for washroom service and there is currently no covered shelter for walk-on passengers. During inclement weather passengers may choose to wait in their vehicle until the ferry is docking.

The Wood Islands Terminal has a covered shelter for walk-on passengers but the terminal building is only available for washroom service.

PEI Self-Declaration Form

Atlantic Canadian visitors to Prince Edward Island will be required to complete a self-declaration form online and provide a copy of the completed form at the first point of entry to the province. Prince Edward Island residents returning from travel within the Atlantic Provinces Travel Bubble must provide proof of residency but do not need to complete a self-declaration form. Northumberland Ferries Limited will provide this form to anyone who does not have one. For your convenience, PEI Public Health will be on board both mv Confederation and mv Holiday Island to assist with and pre-approve self-declaration forms.

Travelling to Nova Scotia

For those who live in another Atlantic Canadian province and want to visit Nova Scotia, they will need to show proof of residency to enter the province.

Every adult will need to show either a drivers’ licence, government ID card, health card, or a utility bill or bank statement with a valid Atlantic Canadian address to provincial officials at airports, ferries or the land border when they arrive in the province. No self-declaration form will be required.
If people can prove with these documents that their permanent home is in Atlantic Canada, they will not have to self-isolate for 14 days when coming into Nova Scotia. Learn More

Additional Screening

Passengers will undergo a mandatory screening for health and travel history by our check-in staff. Please allow additional time for these new check-in procedures. Passengers responding yes to any of the following four screening questions, will not be permitted to board:

  • Do you have a fever and a cough?
  • Do you have a fever and breathing difficulty?
  • Have you been refused boarding in the past 14 days due to a medical reason related to COVID-19?
  • Are you the subject of a provincial/territorial or local public health order?

Experiencing Symptoms
If you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, we recommend contacting 811 before travelling.

Waiting Area

Once cleared for travel, vehicles will line up in the parking lot. Passengers choosing to remain their vehicle are not required to wear a face covering. Passengers choosing to leave their vehicle are required to wear a face covering.

Walk-on Passengers

Walk-on passengers arriving by vehicle can be dropped off at the Terminal building and may then proceed to the outdoor waiting area. Walk-on passengers must call our toll free number (1-877-762-7245) to make a reservation.

Walk-on passengers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Remaining in Vehicle

Passengers may choose to remain in their vehicle for the voyage and must request this during check-in. Passengers choosing this option are not permitted to leave their vehicle unless authorized by a crew member. Once a passenger leaves their vehicle, they will not be permitted to return.

Once Onboard

We have placed arrows on the floors of the passenger decks to direct traffic flow to enable safe distancing.

Our Crew Cares

Our staff has diligently increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitization practices during and between voyages, as dictated by public health guidelines.

Sail Safely

We have provided adequate room for physical distancing with clearly identified, designated passenger zones onboard. Please follow the directional arrows onboard, stay with your group or family and limit movement by remaining in these designated seating and standing areas. Passengers are not required to wear a face covering while seated or in their vehicle.

Please follow the instructions of crew regarding seating assignment and movement aboard the vessel. Our crew is always available to render additional assistance if required.

Face Coverings

Passengers must wear face coverings at all times when not seated or when safe distancing is not possible.

Keep Your Distance

Once onboard, please maintain a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) from staff and passengers not in your immediate party. There is additional directional signage onboard to facilitate safe distancing.

Amenities and Services

For the health and safety of our passengers and crew, there will be limited food service available onboard.

Gift shops and arcade games will remain closed and all entertainment and discretionary amenities (Music on Deck, Seaside Experiences, and Visitor Information Services) are cancelled.

WIFI will continue to be available for guests to use with their own devices.

Additional Travel Information

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to sailing with you soon.