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NFL Food Service Operator

Expressions of Interest for Food Service Operator

Northumberland Ferries Limited is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified organizations or individuals to provide seasonal food service, located at the ferry terminal in Caribou, Nova Scotia.

Proposals will be accepted until 4:00pm local time, March 15, 2024, by email to [email protected] or in paper format delivered to 94 Water Street, Charlottetown.

Questions regarding this EOI must be made in writing and received no later than 4:00pm on March 11, 2024, to Guy LeClair at [email protected].

The EOI is for a qualified, experienced individual or food service operator to offer seasonal food service (café or restaurant) in an existing interior location during the ferry season.

Proposals must contain the following information:

  • Company overview/background and years of experience (minimum 5 years)
  • Management staff qualifications, education and experience
  • Tentative menu/proposed offering
  • Staffing plan
  • References from relevant organizations and/or suppliers
  • Insurance Certificates – Upon award

EOI proposals will be compared for relevant experience and documented ability to deliver a quality food service offering to our customers. Northumberland Ferries Limited reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

After award, Northumberland Ferries Limited and the successful proponent will execute a contract and lease agreement. The initial contract term is for one (1) year but may be extended at Northumberland Ferries Limited’s option for up to two (2) additional years in one-year increments.