Seven Fun Things to do in New Brunswick, Canada

In New Brunswick, you’ll find something for every member of the family!

Whether you’re visiting for a day, a weekend, or longer, there’s an endless list of things to do in New Brunswick all year round! From incredible natural occurrences to oddities you’ll have to see to believe, and everything in-between, New Brunswick is a province where you’re never far from making another memory. If you’re planning a trip, we’ve compiled a list of seven fun things to do in New Brunswick that you definitely won’t want to miss.


Take a ride on the mv Fundy Rose

Every journey starts with a route, and there’s no better way to get to New Brunswick than aboard the mv Fundy Rose. Not only is it faster than driving, it also offers you time to relax and take in the Maritime Provinces the way you deserve to see them—from the water! Once aboard, you can check out the beautiful waters of the Bay of Fundy from our viewing deck, and even catch a glimpse of the marine life that calls these waters home! Best of all, the mv Fundy Rose brings you straight to Saint John, where you can start the next step of your New Brunswick adventure off on the right foot! To learn more about the benefits of taking the ferry, be sure to check out our recent post, 10 Reasons to Take the Bay Ferries Between Saint John and Digby This Fall.

An image rendering of waves crashing behind a Bay Ferries boat.

Watch water change direction at the Reversing Rapids

Located in Saint John, the Reversing Rapids are a naturally occurring oddity of nature, thanks to the rushing waters of the Bay of Fundy and unique underwater geography. As the Bay of Fundy tides roll in and out, they are powerful enough to actually change the course of these rushing rapids. The best way to experience the Reversing Rapids is to arrive at high tide, and then return at low tide to see the change, but don’t worry, there are plenty of other things to see in Saint John while you wait, one of which you’ll learn about next.


Visit the oldest continually operated farmers’ market in Canada

The Saint John City Market has been serving locals and visitors to Saint John since 1785. Home to butchers, bakers, crafters, farmers, fruit peddlers, fishmongers, and more from all around the region, the Saint John City Market is the perfect spot to tempt your taste buds. The market is open Monday to Saturday all year round and even offers a self-guided tour to help you discover the history of this vibrant meeting place.

The Saint John City Market is one of many farmers’ markets located throughout the Maritimes. You can learn about a few other favourites here!


Come face to face with the world’s largest lobster!

Shediac is well known as the Lobster Capital of the World, so it only makes sense that it would also be home to the world’s largest lobster! Weighing a staggering 55 tonnes, this wonderful sculpture is the work of local artist Winston Bronnum. In fact, this sculpture is so large that it includes a staircase and pedestal to allow visitors to get closer and have their picture taken with it. And if the climb up to the world’s largest lobster works up your appetite, stop by the Lobster Deck for a meal the entire family will enjoy.


Marvel at the of Magnetic Hill

Moncton is home to one of New Brunswick’s most well known geographical oddities, Magnetic Hill. When you drive your vehicle to the foot of the hill and put it in neutral, your vehicle will start to roll back up the hill! How does it work? That’s a mystery that’s still up for debate, but one thing’s for sure, it’s an experience that you have to see to believe!

Complete your visit to the Magnetic Hill Park with a trip to the Magnetic Hill Zoo. This zoo, the largest in Atlantic Canada, is home to nearly 80 different indigenous and exotic species, and over 600 animals total. If you’re an animal lover, you can learn about more opportunities to get close to wildlife throughout the Maritimes in this helpful blog post.


Explore the Fundy National Park

At 207 square kilometres, Fundy National Park is an adventurer’s paradise. Featuring postcard-like views of the Bay of Fundy and diverse wildlife, Fundy National Park is a place where you can spend the morning walking along the ocean floor and the afternoon uncovering waterfalls hidden deep within the Acadian forests. Walk along river valleys, take in the scenic freshwater lakes, and, if the weather is right, stop by the nine-hole golf course for a quick round!


Experience the open road on one of New Brunswick’s many scenic routes

If you’re itching to explore New Brunswick, your best bet may be to take a drive along one of the province’s five official Scenic Drives. When you arrive in Saint John aboard the mv Fundy Rose, you can immediately hit the road along the Fundy Coastal Drive or the River Valley Scenic Drive. These routes offer a great opportunity to see the entire province while exploring communities, cultures, and regions you may otherwise not have the chance to see.

And don’t worry, when you return from your scenic road trip, there are plenty of accommodations where you can rest your head for the evening, including the Hilton Harbourfront Hotel and the Homeport Historic B&B.

Discover everything New Brunswick has to offer

These suggestions are only a small sample of the fun New Brunswick has to offer you when you visit. Check out New Brunswick Events to learn more, and start planning your trip by booking passage on the mv Fundy Rose today!

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