Mighty Maritime Meals

All the time you spend exploring the Maritimes is sure to make you hungry. Luckily, we have the info you need on some popular Maritime meals.

From the highlands of Nova Scotia to the red sands of Prince Edward Island, to rolling hills of New Brunswick, the shores and soil of this region are generous.

It’s no secret that the Maritime provinces are a haven for foodies. With so much fresh seafood, juicy seasonal fruit and veggies, and regional delicacies you won’t find anywhere else — there’s a feast waiting here for your taste buds to explore!

Join us on a culinary journey through the region: we’ll share some insider info on our favourite foods the Maritimes has to offer, and tips and tricks for how to best enjoy them.


A staple for locals and tourists alike, Atlantic lobster is a must-try food for anyone visiting the Maritimes! Lobster fishing is a main source of income for many in the region, and the industry itself is a major tourist attraction. Caught live and cooked in boiling saltwater, lobsters are served either hot or cold and typically dipped in melted butter. Lobster suppers are popular throughout the Maritimes, where visitors are served a full lobster to crack into themselves.

As delicious as lobster is, the experience of eating one can be intimidating to first-timers. You’ll need a plan of action before digging in: a lobster’s hard shell and sharp pincers aren’t exactly easy to devour without a strategy.

But don’t worry — we’ve created a step-by-step guide for how to crack open this iconic shellfish!


Wild Blueberries

Did you know that wild blueberries grow all over the Maritimes? Or that Oxford, Nova Scotia is the wild blueberry capital of Canada? With farms spread throughout the region, you’ll find blueberries to be a staple on dessert and cafe menus. If you’re wondering what the best way is to try this antioxidant fruit, we’ve got you covered.



Salty and briny, oysters give you a real taste of the Atlantic ocean. You’ll find these shellfish served all across the region at bars and restaurants. While oysters have been harvested in the Maritimes for hundreds of years, they have recently become more popular and widely available. Each province’s oysters are unique. Typically, a New Brunswick oyster is known for its small teardrop shape, while PEI oysters can be much larger (and, perhaps surprisingly, much greener!). While New Brunswick and PEI oysters offer a subtle hint of sweetness, Nova Scotia oysters are known for their robust flavor and salinity (but, typically, are not as sweet). So, with so much variety, what does this mean for you? It means you simply must try them all.

But, how in the world do you eat an oyster?! If you aren’t sure, we advise brushing up on some oyster etiquette.


Are you hungry yet? We are too! Armed with this knowledge, you’ll have no trouble navigating delicious Maritime delicacies. Start planning your adventure: hop aboard the MV Fundy Rose, with daily crossing between Digby, Nova Scotia and Saint John, New Brunswick! Or go from Wood Islands, PEI to Caribou NS on the MV Confederation or MV Holiday Island. Wherever your journey leads you, don’t forget to stop for lunch. Book your next trip with us today!

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