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Safe at Sea with Fundy Rose

Keeping You Safe While
Sailing with Northumberland Ferries

Northumberland Ferries Limited has taken measures to keep you safe while still enabling you to move about the ship, enjoy a snack or meal, get some fresh air – like you always could. We ask that you be conscientious of the safety of others by wearing a face mask/covering at all times except when eating and drinking while seated.

Travelling with
Northumberland Ferries

Northumberland Ferries Limited has introduced new safety measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Watch our video for a full breakdown of what’s changed so you can be prepared for your next ferry voyage.

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Know Before You Go

New Safety Measures

Northumberland Ferries Limited has introduced new safety measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and provide a safe ferry voyage between Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island and Caribou, Nova Scotia. We’ve taken a series of measures to help enforce safe social distancing and have implemented a contactless check-in process.

Travelling to PEI

Non-Residents Travelling to PEI

Increased testing

  • Effective September 28, 2021
  • For travel with PEI Pass (and children under age 12 travelling with adults with a PEI Pass)
  • School age children returning to PEI
  • Require a negative test before returning to school after travel (the point of entry test or take home test meets this requirement)
  • School age children under 12 years of age are also asked to be tested twice after arrival on days 4 and 8, and if any symptoms of COVID-19 develop, be tested immediately
  • School age children 12 years and older are also asked to be tested once after arrival between days 4-8 and if any symptoms of COVID-19 develop, be tested immediately
  • All other fully immunized people are recommended to be tested once after arrival between days 4-8 and if any symptoms of COVID-19 develop, be tested immediately

Effective September 30, 2021

  • Everyone 8 years and older will be tested at the points of entry (regardless of immunization status and time outside of province). School age children who cannot be tested at the points of entry will be given a self-test kit to ensure they have a negative test prior to returning to school.

PEI Passes and Travel Isolation

  • People must be fully vaccinated (+14 days) to be eligible for a PEI Pass.
  • All people 12 years of age and older arriving in PEI who are not fully vaccinated, including those who are partially vaccinated, will need to self-isolate for 8 days (subject to a test on day 8) and complete a self-isolation declaration.
  • If you are now fully vaccinated (+ 14 days) but your PEI Pass was issued when you were partially vaccinated (e.g. your PEI Pass code ends with the letter A), you must bring your record of vaccination with you to the point of entry. For PEI residents, find out how to access your vaccine record here.
  • PEI residents who are planning to travel are advised to check requirements for where they are going

Travel from the United States

Travelers from the U.S., who are fully vaccinated with Canadian-authorized COVID-19 vaccines(link is external) and granted permission to enter Canada by the federal government on or after August 9, 2021, are eligible to apply for a PEI Pass, which verifies that you are fully vaccinated and can visit PEI without isolating. U.S. travelers will be tested upon entry to PEI.

PEI residents returning to PEI:

For PEI residents, including students, returning to PEI after traveling within the Atlantic region:

  • If you are fully vaccinated (two doses of a Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccine) +14 days, apply for a PEI Pass.
  • PEI Pass will verify your vaccination and you will be exempt from self-isolation when you return to PEI, provided you meet the conditions of the pass.
  • If unvaccinated/not eligible for PEI Pass, you are asked to complete a Self-declaration and you will need to isolate for 8 day self-isolation, with testing on day 8
    • Self-isolation is waived for some types of same-day travel, with specific guidance

Island residents traveling outside of Atlantic Canada:

  • Everyone 12 and older entering PEI, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to be tested at points of entry. This includes PEI residents returning home.
  • PEI residents with a PEI Pass who have two doses of vaccine can travel within Canada and not have to self-isolate when they come home.
  • Island residents should not travel outside Atlantic Canada unless fully-vaccinated with two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • PEI residents who have traveled outside Atlantic Canada but are not fully-vaccinated with two doses will have to isolate for 8 days when they come home to PEI, and are asked to complete a self-isolation declaration before returning to PEI

Travelling to Nova Scotia

Everyone who travels from another Canadian province or territory (including PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador) needs to complete the Safe Check-in Form and may need to self-isolate when they arrive in or return to the province.

Your isolation requirements are based on vaccination status and testing:

  • People who are fully vaccinated do not have to self-isolate but testing is still recommended.
  • People who are not fully vaccinated must self-isolate for at least 7 days and cannot leave isolation until they get 2 negative tests results.

The NS-NB travel protocol will be expanded to apply to travel to/from PEI and Newfound land and Labrador.

Travel from within Nova Scotia (local):

Nova Scotians can travel within the province while adhering to public health guidelines

Travel from outside Canada (International):

At this time, both the federal and provincial governments have public health measures in place related to international travel.

The Government of Canada has temporarily restricted non-essential travel to the country to Canadians and permanent residents, with some exceptions. Fully vaccinated international travellers are permitted to enter Canada for discretionary (non-essential) travel.

Find out if you can come to Canada here:

International travellers must follow federal entry requirements, and do not need to complete the Nova Scotia Safe Check-in form if they are coming relatively directly to Nova Scotia. If they are travelling in another Canadian province prior to entering Nova Scotia, then they would be considered a domestic traveller and must follow the requirements below.

For more information please visit COVID-19: Travel, testing, quarantine and borders – Be sure to check the site frequently, as conditions may change quickly.

Can I travel with Northumberland Ferries Ltd. if I am medically exempt for the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Individuals claiming a medical exemption from COVID-19 vaccination will be required to have a Medical Exemption Letter from the Chief Public Health Office to travel with Northumberland Ferries Ltd.. Substitute letters or health care provider notes claiming medical exemption will not be accepted.

Make a Reservation

All customers — including walk-on— are encouraged to make a reservation by calling our toll free number (1-877-762-7245) or book via our online reservation system.

Walk-on passengers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Reservations may be modified or cancelled at any time at no cost.

Bring a Face Mask/Covering

Please be advised that face masks/coverings are mandatory at all times during travel except when eating and drinking while seated on board. These enhanced precautions are consistent with provincial Public Health recommendations.

Exemptions to wearing a mask include:

  • children under the age of 2
  • children 2 to 4 when their caregiver can’t get them to wear a mask
  • anyone with a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask. Certification or valid medical documentation is required.
  • anyone who is reasonably accommodated under the Human Rights Act
  • anyone who is unable to remove the mask without assistance
  • while you’re eating or drinking
  • crew while physically distancing and directing traffic on vehicle decks (must have mask visible and ready)
  • crew while physically distancing and working in non-public areas

Practice Good Personal Hygiene

During the voyage, please follow proper hand washing procedures and use the supplied hand sanitizer when needed.

Ferry Terminals

Food service is not available in the Terminal buildings, however they remain open for washroom access. Passengers must wear a face mask/covering before entering and while inside the Terminal building.

Travelling with Pets

Pets may remain in vehicles for the duration of the voyage. Owners may also kennel or leash their pets and remain on the exterior passenger decks. Pets are not permitted in interior passenger areas with the exception of service dogs.


No unattended luggage, bags or freight will be permitted.

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Don’t Miss the Boat

Passengers are advised to check-in at least 40 minutes before departure to allow time for the additional screening procedures implemented for everyone’s safety. Walk-on passengers should check-in 30 minutes before departure.

Additional Screening

Passengers will undergo a mandatory screening for health and travel history by our check-in staff. Please allow additional time for these new check-in procedures. Passengers responding yes to any of the following four screening questions, may not be permitted to board.

  1. Have you travelled outside of the Atlantic Provinces in the last 14 days?
  2. Do you have flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing)
  3. Have you been refused boarding in the past 14 days due to medical reasons related to COVID-19?
  4. Are you the subject of a provincial/territorial or local public health order?

Passengers responding NO or refusing to answer the question below, will not be permitted to board.
Are you in possession of a face covering that covers your mouth and nose, and do you agree wear the face mask/covering at all times except when eating and drinking while seated.

Experiencing Symptoms
If you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, we recommend contacting 811 before travelling.

Waiting Area

Once cleared for travel, vehicles will line up in the parking lot. Passengers choosing to leave their vehicle are required to wear a face mask/covering.

Walk-on Passengers

Walk-on passengers arriving by vehicle can be dropped off at the Terminal building and may then proceed to the outdoor waiting area. Please be advised that the Caribou and Wood Islands Terminal buildings are available for washroom service only (no waiting inside permitted). Both locations have covered shelters for walk-on passengers to wait in. Walk-on passengers must make their reservation by calling our toll free number (1-877-762-7245) or book via our online reservation system.

Walk-on passengers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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On Board

Our Crew Cares

We have placed arrows on the floors of the passenger decks to direct traffic flow to enable safe distancing. Our staff has diligently increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitization practices during and between voyages, as dictated by public health guidelines.

Remaining in Vehicle

In order to comply with Transport Canada’s regulations, passengers are required to leave their vehicles during the sailing. Stroll the decks or grab a seat and relax.

Keep Your Distance

Once on board, please maintain a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) from staff and passengers not in your immediate party. There is additional directional signage on board to facilitate safe distancing.

Amenities and Services

For the health and safety of our passengers and crew, limited food service is available on board.

Gift shops and arcade games are closed. All entertainment and discretionary amenities (Music on Deck, Seaside Experiences, and Visitor Information Services) will resume in 2022.

WiFi is available for guest use on personal devices.

Additional Travel Information

96% of Travellers Felt Our Communication was Effective Regarding new Procedures about Travel During the Pandemic

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