Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Northumberland Ferries Limited allows service animals (including emotional support dogs, assistance dogs, and psychiatric service dogs) on the cabin deck of all vessels free of charge, while the animal is on duty.

Before Booking

Your service animal must wear some form of physical restraint device as it must be under your control at all times. Animals that pose any type of threat to the health and safety of crew members or other guests may be denied transport in the passenger cabin of the vessel.


Northumberland Ferries Limited accepts dogs as service animals on all vessels at no charge (one service dog per passenger with a cognitive, physical, or emotional disability). Requests to travel with more than one service dog will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Only on-duty, fully trained, and certified service dogs will be permitted on the cabin deck. All other dogs must remain in your vehicle or in the kennels provided on the vehicle deck.

We strongly recommend that all service animals wear proper identification (e.g. vest) at all times while on the cabin deck of the vessel.

Northumberland Ferries Limited reserves the right to limit movement on the cabin deck should another guest have severe allergies to animal dander.

Documentation and Identification

Passengers travelling with a service animal may be required to provide credible verbal assurance that the animal is a certified service animal. In situations where verbal assurance provided is questioned, a Registered Certificate Identification card or other written documentation may be requested. Alternatively, the presence of physical indicators (e.g. harnesses or tags) will be accepted.

Seating Requirements

Passengers should contact a cabin crew member upon arrival on the cabin deck for assistance in locating seating to accommodate both you and your service animal.

Pet Relief Areas Available

Pet relief areas are available at all our terminals. Should your service animal require the use of one of these areas, simply self-identify at check-in and you will be escorted to the designated pet relief area by one of our staff members. All pet relief areas are also clearly marked with wayfinding signage that is embossed and includes directional arrows and Braille print. These are strategically placed to guide guests to the pet relief areas.