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A Ferry Adventure

Discover the never-ending coastline of Nova Scotia, the charming fishing villages of New Brunswick, the red sandstone cliffs of Prince Edward Island, or the rolling hills and picturesque waterways of Maine. Capture an unforgettable sunset, immerse yourself in our nightlife, and indulge in a surprisingly elegant culinary scene. Your escape awaits.

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Our Commitment to Accessibility

Northumberland Ferries Limited and Bay Ferries Limited recognizes the needs of guests with physical, cognitive, behavioural, and psychological disabilities. As per the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations* (ATPDR), we are committed to providing a stress-free travel experience with a variety of accessible and assisted services.

*Applicable sections:
1-25, 28, 31-35, 37-42, 46, 48-61 134-138, 140, 142-144, 153, 164, 178, 212-223 and 225-231.

MV Fundy Rose

  • Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Digby, Nova Scotia


  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Northumberland Ferries

  • Wood Islands, PEI
  • Caribou, Nova Scotia