Medical Devices and Medication

Passengers are responsible for ensuring personal medical devices are in good condition (free from oil, grease, damage and/or excessive wear and tear) and labelled as required. Please check the operating instructions in the device user manual before travel.

Powering Your Device

Carry an adequate supply of approved batteries to meet your needs for the duration of the voyage. A good practice is to calculate your full amount of sailing time and bring 1.5 times the supply for the total time needed.

Northumberland Ferries Limited cannot be held liable for any injury or harm caused by a guest attempting to use our power supply onboard to charge batteries or to power portable medical electronic devices.

Seating Restrictions When Carrying a Personal Medical Device (PMD)

Generally, it is best to allow the cabin crew to seat you in the most appropriate location based on a combination of your medical needs and the equipment. Some seating locations include access to the emergency evacuation systems and must be kept open at all times so as not to restrict access to the safety equipment.

Needles and Syringes

Needles and syringes are allowed in personal carry-on bags you are taking up to the passenger deck. Please ensure that the syringes have protective needle guards and are carried in a proper medical container. Dispose of any used needles in the sharps containers in the washrooms. Our cabin crew can provide you with detailed information about onboard locations if required.

General Information for Medication

  • Always carry medication in a carry-on bag. Access to vehicles while at sea is restricted and may not be possible in some weather conditions.
  • We are unable to refrigerate your medication. If your medication must be kept cool, you may want to carry it in an insulated bag with ice packs.
  • Northumberland Ferries Limited staff is not permitted to administer any type of medication brought by guests. If you require medication and cannot administer it yourself, please consider travelling with a personal attendant (see travel with a personal attendant).

Over-the-Counter Medications

Leave these medications in the original packaging to ensure clear labelling (drug name and manufacturer). Review the general information for all medication prior to travel in order to ensure a safe trip.

Injectable Medication

If you require the use of a needle or syringe, please follow the general information for the medication above (see needles and syringes).

We strongly recommend that auto-injectors (e.g. Epi-pen™) be carried in your personal carry-on bag, so it is easily accessible.


Passengers are prohibited from consuming personal alcoholic beverages at Northumberland Ferries Limited ferry terminals and onboard our vessels. To ensure the safety of all guests and crew, passengers believed to be impaired by alcohol or drugs may be denied boarding.

Medical Cannabis

The use of medical cannabis at our terminal and onboard our vessels is strictly forbidden.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are safely and/or legally transporting your medication. It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate authorities to confirm the allowances and restrictions of your medication.