Part highway adventure, part high-seas journey and 100% worth it! A trip across the sea and down memory lane.

Here is a look at some of the top travel moments from 2023 with Bay Ferries, Northumberland Ferries and The CAT.

So many of you shared your ferry moments with us, making 2023 a year to remember. We met many passengers from all over the world as they sailed to our posts in  Nova ScotiaNew BrunswickPrince Edward Island and Maine. Let us look at some photos on land and sea from those who explored the Maritimes this past year.

Family & Friends

All year round, passengers travel aboard the ferry with friends and family or take the ferry to visit their loved ones. Either way, the ferry connects people (and furry friends) and builds memories. Here are some of our favourite family and friend moments from 2023:

One of the best things about sailing with Northumberland Ferries is the ability to travel with your best friend outside on deck, whoever they might be! Here is a great photo from @a_view_to_thrill on Instagram with their companion!

The views of the Bay of Fundy from MV Fundy Rose are spectacular, especially with someone by your side! We loved to see @jackiegreaney’s photos onboard with her partner!

A young family stands near the railing of the ferry, looking out on the ocean
Photo: @juliecarri

Do you remember the excited feeling of travelling on MV Confederation to go camping for the summer on Prince Edward Island or to explore Nova Scotia with your parents? Some things never change! We love this photo from @juliecarri with her little ones, headed off on a summer adventure.

Do you remember the joy of summer vacation with your best friend? This video from definitely makes us eager for warm summer weather with our closest pals!

An East Coast summer is not the same without Davey and Sky’s top tips for ferry travel and Maritime favourites. Check out their video for some 2024 travel inspiration.

Looking to add something to your bucket list? How about a backpacking journey across the East Coast with your bestie, going from ferry to ferry starting with The CAT? Not going to lie, @della.adventures inspired us to get outside more in 2024.

Ferry Views

This year we collected so many incredible views, whether of the ferry from land or of passenger views on deck! We love seeing the perspective through your lens and try to share as many photos and videos as we can on social media. Here are some of our top picks:

We heard if you wave to one ferry while on board another ferry, you will have good luck for 10 years. Okay, maybe we made that up, but we love seeing the magic of a ferry ride through the eyes of little ones.

There are few things more exciting than looking out at the endless ocean while sailing on The CAT. We feel like this photo from @bossbnikk captures that feeling perfectly.

Slow travel is a major trend for 2024 and we are already seeing it gaining attention on social media. This video from @iamgessyy of their latest voyage on MV Confederation fully embraces this trend, demonstrating how a ferry gateway is all about capturing the moment and living in the present.

Did you know watching and greeting The CAT as it returns to Yarmouth, NS, is a big tradition for the locals? You’ll often see people parked in their cars along the shoreline with their lights on, welcoming travellers to Nova Scotia. Some choose to sit on the shoreline as The CAT departs (as you can see from this photo by @brianneoftheocean).

Ocean Blues

One of the most striking things about the Atlantic Ocean is the deep blues on a clear and sunny day. Here are some of the most vibrant blue hues from 2023:

This striking photo was taken by @dame_of_sealand while onboard MV Fundy Rose while departing the Bay of Fundy.

One of the most pronounced features of The CAT is the rapid speed as the catamaran hits the ocean seas. The billowing lines of water trailing behind the ferry are extraordinary, as you can see in this photo captured by @raft_man.

The beautiful blues are hard to deny, even while you are laid back inside and taking in the scenery. Here is a great photo taken by @novapixells while on The CAT.

From the Journey to the Destination

Passengers have travelled all over the Maritimes and beyond after their ferry journey. We could spend hours revisiting all the amazing destination photos you have shared with us this year, but here are some highlights of travels throughout Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick and Maine in 2023:

If you are looking to explore Yarmouth and the Acadian Shores in 2024, you will want to check out this reel from @katielangille. She made an amazing compilation of her adventure that we were thrilled to share with our audience on social media.

Bar Harbor, ME, is known for its coastal culture and delicious seafood. This photo from @stephbeau11, perfectly highlights the family vacation vibe in this East Coast town!

A smiling woman in sunglasses, holding their child on a busy market street
Photo: @stephbeau11

Winter is a special time to explore Prince Edward Island. From outdoor ice skating and winter festivals to exploring the island’s parks and hiking trails there is an activity for everyone. Maybe you can try your hand at snowshoeing like @jenessaduval.

A person snowshoeing through a tall forrest of snow-covered trees
Photo: @jenessaduval

Finally, add Saint John to your list of destinations to visit for 2024. Davey and Sky documented the food culture, art scenes and relaxation hot spots when they visited last summer. Check out their Instagram for more inspiration!

A smiling couple in elegant attire, looking at each other under illuminated strings lights in an alley
Photo: @daveyandsky

That is all for the year-end round-up for 2023, but we want to extend a resounding thank you to everyone who travelled with us and took the time to share their stories on social media. Now is the time to start planning your 2024 journey and if you travel with us, please share your photos and videos by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook. Happy New Year one and all and Ferry Christmas!