Small town, big reputation.

Planning to spend some time in charming Digby, Nova Scotia? We’ve got some ideas for how you can make the most of 24 hours in the Scallop Capital of the World.

World-famous seafood, awe-inspiring tides, and fascinating Maritime history are just a few reasons Digby is a favourite tourist destination in Southwestern Nova Scotia. Sitting on the picturesque shores of the Annapolis Basin, it’s a small town that’s huge on seafaring charm and well worth a visit. Our MV Fundy Rose travels between Saint John and Digby daily all year long, offering the ideal opportunity to explore this one-of-a-kind destination. Ready to dive into dynamic Digby? Here are our recommendations for a fun and fascinating visit.

Stay at a Maritime Classic

An aerial view of Digby Pines Golf Resort & Spa
Location: Digby Pines Golf Resort & Spa, Digby, N.S. / Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

If you’re spending a night in Digby, why not rest your head at a historic destination that has been welcoming guests for almost 100 years? Digby Pines Golf Resort & Spa offers a one-stop combination of some of the best things Nova Scotia has to offer. Glorious views of the natural landscape. A scenic 18-hole golf course designed by legendary Canadian architect Stanley Thompson. Rejuvenating spa treatments and delightful dining experiences. This welcoming resort overlooks the stunning Annapolis Basin, offering classic Maritime views and a breezy seaside atmosphere. You can choose to stay in the elegant Main Hotel or opt for the private escape of a one or two-bedroom cottage on the property. It’s also pet-friendly (and so are we!), so you can bring four-legged family members along, too.

Be Awed by Nature’s Time Post

Digby’s Balancing Rock
Location: Balancing Rock / Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

Thanks to its unique location, geology, and climate, Nova Scotia is a hiker’s paradise, filled with some of nature’s most magnificent sights, from record-setting tides to majestic wildlife. One of the province’s most mesmerizing sights is Digby’s Balancing Rock, a popular lookoff spot that features a 20-tonne (that’s over 44,000 pounds!) column of basalt rock balancing on the edge of a volcanic rock cliff. Known as “Nature’s Time Post,” it’s a dazzling sight that almost needs to be seen to be believed. Take a leisurely 2.5-kilometre hike on a well-groomed trail to get there. The area contains picnic tables and rest areas, so you can bring a snack and spend some time contemplating the wonderful natural surroundings. Digby and area are home to a long list of unique basalt rock formations, but Balancing Rock may just be the most impressive, so make sure you give yourself a chance to get out there and enjoy it. And don’t forget to snap some photos so you can show your friends when you return home.

Have a Whale of a Time

An aerial view of a pod of whales breaching
Location: Brier Island Whale Watch / Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

The Bay of Fundy is globally renowned for its tides and monumental rock formations, but did you know it’s also one of the best places in Nova Scotia for whale watching? In fact, Digby whale-watching groups can be treated to sightings of majestic humpbacks, curious minkes, impressive finbacks, and even North Atlantic right whales. Whale watching tours are a fun, family-friendly way to explore the surrounding waters, learn more about these fascinating creatures, and get a taste of ways of life that have been important to this region for generations. Check out Brier Island Whale Watch and choose the length of tour that works for you! You can spend between two and five hours seeking cetaceans for a delightful morning or afternoon on the water.

Dive into Digby’s History

Boats in Digby Harbour
Location: Admiral Digby Museum / Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

Explore the history of this unique and fascinating Maritime town with a trip to the Admiral Digby Museum. Located in a historic home built in the mid-1800s, this museum contains hidden gems and a ton of heritage. It’s a great place to learn about the genealogy of the families that make up this close community. And if you’re fascinated by the fishing industry, you’ve come to the right place. Because of Digby’s location on the Annapolis Basin and near the Bay of Fundy, fishing has long been an important industry, providing food and income to residents of Nova Scotia. Admission to the museum is free, but they will happily accept donations.

Golf a Nova Scotia Classic

Two golf players putt the green at Digby Pines
Location: Digby Pines Golf Resort / Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

With views this splendid, it’s no surprise golf in Digby is popular. Glorious vistas and saltwater breezes make for a pretty special day on the golf course. For the classic Digby golf experience, head back to Digby Pines Golf Resort. The 18-hole championship course is renowned for showcasing Nova Scotia’s dynamic landscape, with fairways framed by picturesque pine trees and pleasant ponds. Kids golf for free, and there are twilight rates available for those who like to play a round with a side of sunset. Digby Pines even offers year-round golf training through a state-of-the-art TrackMan 4 Golf Simulator, a fun and innovative way to improve your game no matter the weather.

Finish off your round with a different kind of round at the 19th Hole, which offers a deep menu of elevated maritime classics and local craft beers, ciders, and wines. The scenic patio overlooks the gorgeous grounds of the course, so you can take in the beauty of Stanley Thompson’s legendary course design.

Explore Point Prim

The lighthouse at Point Prim
Location: Point Prim / Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

Nothing says coastal Nova Scotia quite like a historic lighthouse, and Digby’s Point Prim contains a superb example. At over 200 years old, this beacon has been lighting up the water’s edge and keeping sailors safe for generations. Hike to Point Prim for breathtaking sea views – it’s an excellent place to stop for a snack on the park bench and contemplate the majesty of this area of the world. While here, you’re likely to spot wildlife offshore, including seals and even whales. Plus, there are boats travelling to and from Digby, making for a picture-perfect postcard view of Canada’s East Coast. It’s also an optimal vantage point to watch the sun go down and paint the sky in otherworldly colours. Take advantage of the trails, picnic tables, and endless views for a Digby experience you won’t soon forget.

Sample World-Famous Scallops

Digby Scallops
Location: Digby Scallop Days / Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

You’ll find Digby scallops on menus around the world, and for good reason. The cold and deep waters of these shores provide scallops with a place to grow undisturbed. While you might find Digby scallops in destinations near and far, they’ll never be fresher than in the place they are grown and harvested. Scallops are so popular in Digby that there is a festival dedicated to them. Digby Scallop Days is held in town every August and celebrates both the famous food and the history and culture of the town. Don’t leave Digby without sampling its most renowned export fresh from the source!

Your Digby Experience with MV Fundy Rose

A ferry crossing the water close to land
Location: MV Fundy Rose / Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

Now that you’re familiar with all the great ways you can spend 24 hours in Digby, it’s time to start planning your getaway. Check the MV Fundy Rose schedule to learn when the ferry is sailing, and book your iconic maritime adventure today!

Some Photos are Courtesy of: Tourism Nova Scotia and Photographer: Acorn Art Photography