A Year of Adventure on the Water: Looking Back at 2017 on the Ferries

Set sail with us as we reflect on all the best moments aboard our ferries over the year.

2017 was a great year aboard The CAT, the mv Fundy Rose, the mv Holiday Island, and the mv Confederation. Visitors from all around the world rode our ferries as part of their Maritime adventures. Whether they were exploring the Bay of Fundy, seeking out family fun, or taking a memorable road trip, a ride on our Ferries in 2017 was a perfect way for friends and families to make their journeys unforgettable. And all along the way, our passengers were taking photos and sharing them on social media. Today, we want to share some of those photos. Here are a few of our favourite moments on and around our ferries in 2017—all captured by you!

Families on the Ferry

For reasons we’ve covered in great detail across the seasons, families love travelling on the ferry. Not only is it an opportunity to get out of your vehicle and relax on your journey, it’s a chance to make memories to last a lifetime. Here are a few photos our passengers shot with their families while aboard the ferries in 2017.

father and daughter standing on ferry deck

@Mastclinic captured a special moment aboard The CAT with Portland in the distance and an ocean of adventure in the Maritimes awaiting on the horizon.
boy on deck looking at water

@mila_at_simplyforlife shared this great moment of a young boy watching the wake of the mv Fundy Rose as it crosses the Bay of Fundy. We can almost smell that fresh air just looking at this photo.

family on ferry deck

The entire family got in on the fun for this post from @geographable. The kids are goofing off on the deck of a Northumberland Ferry while Dad captures a perfect image of the ocean (which is another photo we’d love to see!).

Pets on the Ferry

Four legged furiends are welcome to travel on our ferries. While traveling on The CAT and my Fundy Rose, pets are welcome to remain in your vehicle or in our kennel facilities, and on the mv Holiday Island and mv Confederation, they’re allowed on deck with you, just remember your leash or carrier crate!

two dogs on the ferry deck

We saw many furry friends aboard the ferry this year, including these pals of @_saltysean_ sharing a delicious treat!

cat looking out the window

@kukiicat, who came all the way from the UK, also joined us on the Northumberland Ferries this summer and had a lovely time staring out the window while accepting pets from fellow passengers.

puppy standing on ferry deck

Dog of all ages are welcome on the deck of the mv Holiday Island and the mv Confederation, just ask @missellierigby, who was only a few months old when she took her first ferry ride this summer!

Sunsets on the Ferry

Some of the most spectacular views from the ferry are found as the sun is setting on a great day. Whether you’re returning home from a scenic drive or starting your summer vacation on the South Shore, you’re sure to fall in love with a sunset on the ferry.

orange sunset at sea

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this stunning shot from @jaymur49. Those colours are incredible, and proof that a red sky at night is a sailor’s delight!
sunset seen on deck

Here’s a pretty shot from @ebohan of a calming sunset aboard the mv Fundy Rose earlier this year. If you ask us, there’s no better way to relax than by watching the evening sky while sitting on the observation deck of the ferry.

sunset at sea

Here’s an epic look at the sun setting behind The CAT taken by @VisitYAS. This shot is perfectly timed, and is one that we’ve loved looking back on since the day it was posted. You just can’t beat the view from The CAT!

Views From the Ferry

Speaking of views, a setting sun isn’t the only thing to see from our observation decks. The rugged Maritime coastline has to be seen from the water to be appreciated, and our passengers captured it perfectly while travelling aboard our ferries this year.

cape forchu lighthouse

Take a look at this shot of the Cape Forchu Lighthouse from @delightfultravellers. Not only is this a must-visit tourist attraction near Yarmouth, it’s a great photo-op as you’re arriving in Canada on The CAT.

@sairarouge captured this vibrant image from the mv Fundy Rose of a cape on a wonderfully sunny day.

wood islands lighthouse

When we saw this photo from @hedia19, we thought it should be a postcard! The red sand, the fantastic views, and a lighthouse in the distance—it’s so much of what we love about PEI, all captured from aboard the ferry.

The Ferries in Action

the cat ferry

We’ve shown you some of our favourite views on and from the ferry, but we can’t forget the best photos of the ferry! Just take a look at this shot from @tunequeen09 of The CAT in action on a warm summer day.


Not to be outdone, Lee Dugas captured this cool photo of the mv Fundy Rose cruising toward the Bay of Fundy for another great day on the water.

confederation ferry

Finally, @delightfultravellers makes their second appearance in our round up, this time with a photo of a Northumberland ferry as it prepares for departure from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia.

We Can’t Wait to See What 2018 Brings

As you can see, we’ve had a fantastic year aboard The CAT, the mv Fundy Rose, the mv Holiday Island, and the mv Confederation, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2018. We hope you’ll join us on our adventure by including a voyage on our ferries as part of your upcoming trip through the Maritimes.

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