Saint John, New Brunswick

Where you want to begin.

An image rendering of a street with patios and street lights at night.

Start your Maritime adventure.

Welcome to Saint John, Canada’s oldest incorporated city and the only true city on the Bay of Fundy. Equal parts charm and adventure, Saint John is the perfect place to begin your trip through the Maritimes.

An image rendering of Saint John and a highway.

Urban delights.

Saint John’s striking historic downtown core has an intriguing past with a modern edge—quaint steep narrow streets lined with great mix of shops, boutiques and an exciting nightlife and culinary scene—urban bistros, lively pubs, fine urban dining, authentic ethnic eateries, and of course, some of the most delicious seafood around. Wander the picturesque waterfront. Take in the beautifully preserved architecture. Discover the bustling city farmers market. From the ocean floor to the dance floor, this dynamic port city is filled with sights to be seen.

An image rendering of a person zip lining in Saint John over the ocean on a sunny day.

Go with the flow.

And when you’ve had your fill of city life, adventure is only a heartbeat away. There’s a lot you can do when the highest tides in the world pour a hundred billion tonnes of water into your front door. And when those tides rise and push into the St. John River gorge, actually reversing its flow, you can really have some fun. Witness the resulting phenomenon, the Reversing Rapids, from a relaxing sightseeing boat tour in the harbour or zip-line high above them. Climb a 554-million-year-old lava flow at Stonehammer Geopark. Or wind down with a hike along the Irving Nature Park’s winding coastal trails.


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