Ferries Pet Policy: Everything you need to know

Travelling with your furry friends on the ferry? Here’s our guide!

For a lot of us, pets are family. So, it makes sense that we bring them along on our adventures. Whether you are just beginning the planning process, or are gearing up to set sail, here is your guide to everything you need to know when travelling with your furry friend aboard The CAT Ferry, Bay Ferries and Northumberland Ferries. Each of our ferry routes have different policies when it comes to pet travel. Service dogs are the one exception to these policies for all three of our services and may stay with their owners at all times as long as they have the required identification. Let this be your one-stop-shop for all the information you need prior to departure. Happy travelling!

Cocker spaniel dog in suitcase - ready to travel

Pet travel 101

Preparation is key to the purrrfect pet-friendly vacation. You may be a frequent traveller, but bringing a pet along is not always as easy as a walk in the park. Luckily, all three of our ferry services make it easy for you bring your four-legged friend along for the ride. While you sit back and relax during your journey, you can rest assured that your furry family members will also be safe.

The CAT Ferry Policies

Dogs and cats are welcome on The CAT. Your pooch can feel right at home in the comfort of your vehicle, or in our onboard kennel area. When booking, please let us know if you would like the use of a kennel so we can note in your reservation. If you choose to keep your pet in your vehicle, please note that for safety reasons, you cannot visit them during the journey. However, crewmembers monitor the vehicle deck throughout the voyage and will notify you if your furry friend is in distress. To ensure your companion is as happy as can be during the trip, it is a good idea to leave them with food, water, and a little bit of fresh air. Up-to-date veterinarian documents may be required, so don’t forget to pack them as well.

Your canine companion must be healthy and have a valid rabies vaccine to enter the United States. Puppies younger than 4 months old may not enter the United States. Service dogs must also meet requirements!

kitten in a carrier

The Fundy Rose Policies

Cats and dogs are welcome on the Fundy Rose. Your pet has the option of travelling in the comfort of your vehicle or in an onboard kennel – we ask that you leave them with enough food and water to last the trip. Crew members monitor the vehicle deck at all times and will let you know if your pet appears to be uncomfortable. If there is a need for you to check on your pet during the crossing, permission must be gained via the Purser’s office, who will arrange for you to be accompanied to your vehicle or kennel. Arrive early! Spaces in our kennels are limited and are given on a first come, first served basis!

dog in car

Northumberland Ferries Policies

Onboard Northumberland Ferries, your pets can enjoy the adventure with you. Your furry friend can stay on outside passenger decks as long as they are leashed. You may also leave your pet in the comfort of your vehicle. Please note, that due to safety reasons you may not visit your pet during the voyage. Crew members will watch the vehicle deck and notify you if your companion appears to be unhappy. Alternatively, onboard kennels are available upon request.

Pet-friendly Pointers

Yay! You don’t have to worry about securing a pet-sitter. But now you’re faced with the worry of whether or not your pet will be comfortable during the ferry ride. Here’s a list of our trips and tricks for your journey that are sure to keep every tail wagging:

1. Keep them comfortable: Whether your pooch travels in the car, or in a kennel, create a familiar ‘home away from home’ feeling by providing them with items of familiarity – a T-shirt with your scent on it, their favourite toy, comfortable bedding or a litter box. These will certainly help them relax.

2. Plan their mealtimes: Just like us, some animals are prone to motion sickness. Ease their stomach by feeding them well before you set sail (4-6 hours is ideal).

3. Tire them out: You know what they say, a tired dog is a happy dog. A pet that is all-exercised-out is way more likely to stay calm during the journey. Consider taking your companion for a pre-journey walk/run, or a long playtime session.

Ready to plan an amazing trip with your best friend? Book with Bay Ferries and Northumberland Ferries now. We’re certain you’ll have a paw-some time.

Have a question you didn’t find the answer to? No worries! Don’t hesitate to call our customer helpline at 1-877-762-7245 prior to setting sail.

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